CCT & Movers takes pride in providing quick, professional, moving services for your personal or business needs at the most economical cost. Packing and shipping is done with great care. We supply boxes and packaging if needed.

  • Residential Moving
  • Commercial Moving
  • Professional, fast, reliable, crew
  • Licensed and Insured
  • Packing services upon request
  • All packing material available to purchase & we will deliver everything to you

Learn more about moving tips!

Moving Tips


Over estimate how many boxes you will need to purchase. Its easier to return unused boxes than to run to the store in the middle of your busy days!


The bigger the box the more you can pack BUT the bigger the box the heavier it gets! Put your heavy items in smaller boxes.


It helps the unloading and unpacking process stay organized. Separate the boxes into the designated rooms before unpacking everything so that you you’re not unpacking your kitchenware in your bedroom!


Clearly label your boxes that have your fragile items in them. Movers strategically place fragile items in specific parts of the truck.
If you don’t have material to protect your fragile items wrap them in kitchen towels, bath towels, or washcloths!


cash, jewelry, or prescription medications – keep these with you. You might need to access them on moving day.

Tips for moving w/ kids

  • Show your kids the house before your official move in day. Let them become familiar with where they will be living. Moving can be just as stressful for the children as it is for the parents.
  • It’s always best to get the kids settled into their new home quickly. Let us know which boxes will be going in their room(s) and we will load those boxes last, so they are first off the truck. SAME GOES FOR PETS!
  • Pack their toys last. The last thing you want are your kids going through boxes unpacking their belongings to play with.